Inspiring Celebrity Single Parents and their kids

Being a parent isn’t easy. Moreover, being a single parent is even more complicated. How about being a single parent in Hollywood? Well, that is undoubtedly a challenge. How do stars even juggle the glitz, the glamour, and the baby bottles and diapers at all?

We’re not just talking about having one child, either. A couple of celebrity single parents have multiple kids, but they manage to do all the investments on their own. How they manage to juggle raising their kids while doing their highly demanding jobs is entirely beyond us.

In this article, we’ll celebrate the club of single parents in Hollywood who have done tremendous jobs both as single parents and as stars in their own right. Regardless of how their kids arrived in their lives, these celebrities have inspired us by handling parenting with grace.

Read below to find out who these celebrity single parents are:

 Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin rose to international and national stardom through her and her ex-husband’s reality TV series, Jon & Kate Plus 8. The former couple raised their extensive family in front of the camera, with sextuplets and twins. Anyhow, when the two filed for legal separation with the help of their lawyers, Gosselin chose to bring the six kids with her. The remaining two, Hannah and Collin, will stay with their father.
Kate decided to take Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah to move to North Carolina. Alternatively, the twins, Madelyn and Cara, who are now in their 20s, are both away to study college but may also stay with their mom. Since the show has ended, she has been keeping a low profile, while Jon has been making noise after becoming a DJ. Though they seem to be unfriendly to each other, they are surely looking properly after their kids.

Michelle Williams

Oscar-nominated actress and full-time single mom Michelle Williams may have it all, well, besides a good night’s sleep. She admitted to People that she feels “pretty exhausted” in raising her child and doing her show business job at the same time. The star, who is raising Matilda Rose, with the late actor Heath Ledger, has managed to bring up their daughter on her own.

Williams met The Dark Knight actor on the set of Brokeback Mountain back in 2004. Prior to his passing, however, the two had remained close despite breaking up, largely because of their daughter. The actress credits other single parents who went through the same circumstances as her in helping her cope with her loss. She said she would never recover from losing Ledger, but knowing other single parents who inspired her to move forward is “lifesaving to have.”

Katie Couric

Katie Couric was married to lawyer Jay Monahan, who passed away in 1998, leaving her with two young daughters. To distract herself, she busied herself into her TV work, interviewing some of the most prominent people of our time. She also managed to raise her daughters, who have helped her through the grieving process. She said that the hardest part of raising her children is not having a partner to work with.

Today, her daughters are now all grown up and out of the house. The journalist remarried in 2014 to a banker named John Molner, who also got two grown children of his own. In an interview, Couric described that their families had a delayed Brady Bunch situation. Anyway, Couric is still active in the entertainment scene. She recently appeared as a guest host for Jeopardy!, becoming the first woman to host the American version of the game show.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards’ separation from Charlie Sheen made headlines, and the actor was not able to secure custody of their two kids, Lola and Sam. With that said, Richards has full-time mother duties with her two little kiddos. Apparently, she takes them everywhere with her. With only a quick internet search, you’ll find countless candid photos of them.

Richards is quite a very hands-on mother, hanging out with her daughters at the playground and taking them to camp, which is a far cry from her glory days as a Bond girl. However, what she’s doing now is even beyond what a Bond girl can do. She adopted a third daughter named Eloise Joni Richards in June 2011 as a single parent. The actress adopted her at birth after a two-year adoption process with her lawyers. Outside of her work as a mom and an actress, Richards also dedicates much of her time to philanthropy.

Liv Tyler

When Liv Tyler broke up with her ex-husband Royston Langdon in 2009, she was left raising their baby boy named Milo, who was born in December 2004. She revealed to People that Milo calls her “precious,” which was her Lord of the Rings co-star Andy Serkis’ most famous line when he was playing Gollum.

The actress shared that she always dreamed of being a mom ever since she was a young girl. Since being a solo mom to her son, she cherished the role and decided to hire a moving company and raise her son in New York City. Adjusting to life as a solo parent took grit, and Tyler is not shy about admitting that her split with her ex was initially devastating. However, she met Dave Gardner in 2014, and Milo gained two other siblings: Lula Rose and Sailor Gene.

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman has found the silver lining amid her breakup from her husband and single motherhood. She thanks her dad, Magnus Akerman, who is an insurance broker, model, and aerobics instructor, for being optimistic. The 43-year-old star saw her glass-half-full as she tried to bravely weather everything happening in her life.
Now that her six-year marriage with Roberto Zincone has ended, Akerman tries to see the best of it, like spending more time with her son, Sebastian Zincone. They now often go on trips together. He loves being aboard airplanes and even stays on the set as young as three months old. The child is well socialized, which may help him have a joyous childhood. Though Akerman strongly believes in discipline and consistency, she does not want her son to take life too seriously. She also wants Sebastian to have fun as she teaches him about respect and manners.

Sheryl Crow

The 59-year-old singer Sheryl Crow recently opened up about her choice to adopt sons: Wyatt, in 2007, and Levi, in 2010. When she first thought of herself as a single mom, she struggled with breaking the norms she was raised with. For one, she was raised in a conventional household with her two parents still married. Still, she felt a degree of motherly instinct and desire to have children.

The family of three now lives in Nashville, where Crow desires to raise them with a normal childhood. She added that she is proud of them and wants them to live the life that they want. Raising her kids doesn’t mean that Crow doesn’t have time for music. She recently released what she describes as her final studio album, Threads. She also continues to write music that inspires other musicians that follow after her, including Taylor Swift.

 Mary-Louise Parker

The Portrait of a Lady star, Mary-Louise Parker, is a single mom to William and Caroline since her break-up with actor Billy Crudup, whom she split with while she was pregnant. Don’t get her wrong, though. She recently admitted that she gets more joy from being a mom than anything else she accomplishes.

The Emmy-winning actress once revealed the joys and challenges of raising two kids. She shared that life as a single mom may be challenging, but it is the most rewarding. She also refers to her kids as the “two coolest people” she has ever met, and she doesn’t need anything else. Today, the actress continues to make investments in the limelight. She is set to reprise her Weeds role as Nancy Botwin in its upcoming sequel. She also divides her time to work in theatre and the cinema.

Sandra Bullock

In 2010, Sandra Bullock adopted newborn baby Louis Bardo while married to TV personality Jesse James. The two began the adoption process four years earlier but only got the call in January 2010, right in the middle of the Oscar season, when the actress was up for an award for her appearance in The Blind Side.

Even when she and James decided to go their separate ways, Bullock was just as happy to be raising Louis on her own. She even welcomed another child named Laila in 2015, who was previously in foster care. The Miss Congeniality star seems to be wholeheartedly embracing single parenthood. She credits her son for “spearheading this whole journey” of adding Laila into their growing family. Bullock takes her job as a solo mom very seriously, just as she does with all her movie projects.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry joined the ranks of celebrity single parents when she and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry split up. The actress has since forged an amicable relationship with her ex for the sake of their daughter, Nahla, saying that when one becomes a parent, they will look at the world “a little bit differently.”

The award-winning actress gave birth to her daughter Nahla with Aubrey back in 2008, and five years later, she welcomed Maceo with film actor Olivier Martinez. Berry noted that she likes being a single mother after a series of failed relationships. According to her, she will take a minute and spend time with herself and her kids to the degree that she might stay as a solo mom for a long time. Well, it’s safe to say that as tough as she is on screen, she’s also a resilient woman in real life.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has been married thrice and has welcomed three kids: Joe, Mia, and Bear. She is currently married to Edward Abel Smith and was formerly linked to Sam Mendes for eight years and Jim Threapleton for three years. Suffice to say, she has had three kids from three different husbands. She had to raise her kids as a solo parent and juggle her movie work for a while.

When asked about how it feels like to be a single mother, Winslet said, “it doesn’t matter whether you’re famous or not. You have to carry on because you have to.” Meanwhile, the Titanic actress continues to make investments both in cinema and television until today. She has an upcoming appearance in Avatar 2 and serves as the lead star and executive producer of the television show Mare of Easttown— what a supermom!

Kate Hudson

After splitting with Chris Robinson in 2006, and dating bachelors like Lance Armstrong, Owen Wilson, and Alex Rodriguez, Kate Hudson may be a lot of things, but she’s a doting mother first and foremost. Of course, her fans best know her as a movie actress, an author, and an entrepreneur. Despite her many investments, she admitted that being a single mom isn’t easy, saying that she’s doing the best she can.

Hudson also shared that she does her best to have a healthy relationship with her sons’ dads: Matthew Bellamy and Chris Robinson. The Deepwater Horizon actress once wrote an essay about her life as a solo mom. In it, she noted that there are times that she had to be away from her kids in order to work, which is a price she has to pay as a working mom and a celebrity parent.

 Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi once opened up about how she juggles her ever-growing business empire and motherhood. Being a single mother certainly isn’t easy, but it’s something the Top Chef host considers an absolute privilege. She revealed to the New York Post that a single mom raised her, and being a solo mom herself is the “only way of life” she has known.

As most probably know, Lakshmi has a lot on her plate. In addition to her duties as a solo parent and as a TV host, she also manages several home accessory brands and a frozen food line. She even co-chairs the Endometriosis Foundation of America. She credits her nanny for helping her raise her child. When asked for a bit of advice she could give to other single moms, she said: “learn how to prioritize.” “Attack your list in order,” she added.

Minnie Driver

As a mom to Henry Story, Minnie Driver has described the first year of parenthood as an “insane earthquake.” The singer and actress has kept mum on the identity of Henry’s father, adding that he knew about the child, but he doesn’t want to be involved. As for flying solo, she once revealed that she goes online to learn some parenting tips from other moms. She also said that her son Henry “is worth the effort” of raising him all by herself.

Today, Driver remains active in the show business. She recently started her podcast called Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver. In the series, she sits down with trailblazers across various disciplines and asks them the same seven questions. Some notable guests so far were Nick Jonas, Chelsea Clinton, and Cindy Crawford. She also has a movie credit in the upcoming Cinderella film.

Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss may be recognized for her high-profile fashion lifestyle, but to her daughter Lila Grace, she is a wonderful mom. The duo reportedly lives in a $19 million townhouse in London, and we suppose Lila Grace enjoys her lavish house with home security.
During Lila’s 7th birthday, Moss definitely got major “cool mom” points for the elegant birthday party she threw for her daughter. The supermodel may be well-known for her fun-loving lifestyle, but she admitted in an interview that she’s quite the opposite when it comes to her parenting style. The supermodel revealed that she is “stricter than most parents.” She clarified that “you have to scare your daughters because otherwise, they will take over.” We’re not sure if she’s speaking from her own experience, but as far as we know, it seems that her parenting style works for Lila.

Britney Spears

Much has been said about Britney Spears’ life. However, today, she’s doing her best as a single mom. The Stronger songstress revealed that while it can be hard raising her two kids on her own, they’re her number 1 priority. In an interview with People, the pop star expressed that there is nothing more rewarding than watching her sons grow into young men.

Spears shares her kids with former husband Kevin Federline, whom she broke up with in 2007. Although the pair have remained amicable for the sake of their kids, the pop star opened up that co-parenting isn’t always easy, and the balance between work investments and personal life can be a challenge. Judging by her recent photos on Instagram, where she is constantly sharing sweet snaps with her boys, we can say Spears’ role as a single mom is the one she enjoys the most.

 Amber Heard

Amber Heard surprised everyone with the news that she is now a mother. In a post on Instagram, the Aquaman star introduced her baby to the public. The kid’s name is Oonagh, and she was born in April 2021. Though she was married to Johnny Depp before, Heard cleared she had no partner in this new parenthood journey.
The 35-year-old star revealed she decided to be a mother four years ago and wanted to do it on her own terms. She is now looking forward to the time that it will become normal for a woman to have a child even if she is not married or have a partner. Heard is not the only woman who chose to be a solo parent. There are many people who did the same thing, carving their own way to parenthood without the help of a partner, and they should receive credits for this bravery.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling has two kids, a three-year-old daughter, Katherine, and an eight-month-old son, Spencer, and she is raising them alone. Despite the degree of hardships, the 42-year-old star said it was a wonderful experience, but she was not sure if she could recommend it to everyone. Kaling had a secret pregnancy and said she had learned a lot from it. It was a once-a-lifetime type of thing for her.
She knows being a single mom is not for everyone, so she is thankful that she now gets a hand. Kaling admits she only succeeds in looking after her two kids on her own due to the help she gets from her full-time nanny and a retired dad. However, if there is one thing that she finds the most challenging in being a solo parent, it is trying to remove all the risk for her kids.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has never been married. In fact, she admitted she never wanted to get married at all. Although the 45-year-old star had been through many relationships before, she now chose to be on her own and take care of her two kids, Jackson and August Theron. She adopted Jackson from South Africa back in 2012, while August joined the family three years later in 2015.
The F9 star said she was perfectly happy to be not in any relationship as marriage is not important to her. Despite being single, she has never been lonely and alone. Though she enjoys going out on dates every once in a while, she is unsure if she will live with somebody again. Though she probably has no problem paying for the mortgage, Theron is uncertain if she can deal with it again, seeing herself as too old for this thing.

Connie Britton

Connie Britton had always wanted to have a family of her own, and though she was single, she would never let it get in her way. The actress knew a man would come any time in her life, and if she wanted to have kids, she could easily do that. Knowing the rising issue of the orphan crisis in Africa, Britton instantly knew where she would find the child she wanted.
In 2011, she welcomed her son, Yoby. The 54-year-old star called her kid’s arrival as a “wonderful and life-changing experience.” Ever since her son came into her life, the kid had motivated Britton in ways she never expected. Everything she would say to him became a song; they seemed to be always in a musical. Fortunately, the kid could not make a complaint yet at the time, let alone call their family attorney.

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton is her own person. Just like other brave girls on this list, she never lets society or the norm dictate what she must do. In addition to her successful career and lots of credits, the 75-year-old industry icon also chose to be a single mother to her two kids, Dexter and Duke Keaton, in her 50s. Sure, she has dated a number of equally iconic Hollywood actors, like Al Pacino, Woody Allen, and Warren Beatty, but it looks like she has not seen the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with.
Anyhow, as Keaton wanted to have a family of her own, she adopted her daughter, Dexter, in 1996. After five years, she adopted a son, Duke. The Annie Hall star said becoming a mom helped her become a better person. It made her realized that she was completely self-involved, and that changed when they arrived.

 Elizabeth Hurley

When Elizabeth Hurley was pregnant with her only child, Damian Hurley, she was looking forward to raising her alone. Although the now-56-year-old star admitted that the father of her child was Steven Bing, she decided to be a solo parent because the millionaire film producer was not yet ready to be a dad back then. After she broke the news to Bing, they decided to break up.
According to reports, Bing never expected Hurley to get pregnant, and his reaction to the pregnancy was the complete opposite of his then-girlfriend. Anyhow, credits to Hurley’s friends, she got a massive and strong support system. In fact, when she went on her first prenatal check-up, she was accompanied by none other than her former boyfriend, Hugh Grant. Though they had already broken up, they remained to be amicable to each other. Grant might have even played a major role in Hurley’s son’s life.

 January Jones

January Jones has already found the man she will love for the rest of her life in her nine-year-old son, Xander Dane Jones. Though she is a single mother, the 43-year-old star revealed her kid has many male role models in his life. In an interview, Jones said Xander has a lot of bro time with neighbor dads and her own dad, whom she called still “super young.”
Jones even describes herself as a “strong woman” who is around a man and can teach him to respect every lady. She even feels thankful that no man in her kid’s life will tell him not to cry like a girl that she says dads accidentally do often. With that, Jones believes Xander does not need a stepfather, let alone she needs a partner. Jones added that she never feels alone or unhappy to any degree, having her son by her side.

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis admitted that being a mother is a lot different on-screen compared to off-screen. Everything was perfect on her hit HBO show, but all of it is messy and real in real life. The 56-year-old star is raising her two kids, Gemma Rose and Wilson Davis, on her own. Indeed, it is a big challenge for her to be a solo parent, but she knows it is her job and duty.
Davis is doing her work right, taking advantage of her electricity to research as much as she can to raise African-American kids. She wants to build as many bridges as possible, as she is the only community her kids have. The 56-year-old star revealed she is working hard every day to figure out how she could make sure Gemma and Wilson have access to the Black community. Thankfully, through Davis’ hard work, the kids remain part of it.

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson was still working on her degree at Howard University when she became pregnant with her child, Marcell Johnson. With only $700 borrowed money in hand, the actress and her baby moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams as an actress. Between acting and looking after a child, Henson said they had done their best, and she knew they could do it all.
However, knowing the hardships of being a single parent, she said she would never wish it even on her worst enemy. Anyhow, while raising her son, Henson revealed she never sheltered Johnson so that he could be prepared for the problems that would come his way. Talking about her own love life, the Empire star revealed she would only get married if she had already found someone who she truly loved. Henson also wanted her son to see the kind of real love that she yearned for.

Amanda Stanton

Amanda Stanton is proud of being a single parent to her two kids, Kinsley and Charlie Buonfiglio. Despite raising them on her own, Stanton is happy with the path she has made for them. She makes sure the kids have the best situation possible. It looks like they will not even have any problem at all, even money and student loans.
Stanton admitted it takes constant work to manage everything she is going through, but she does her best to balance all of her obligations. She goes to different phases in her life to see where she lacks to give some attention. As the reality star works on her book before, she knows she has been mostly focused on her work. Despite that, Stanton swears her kids remain her number one priority. Of course, she knows she also has to work on herself.


Jewel acknowledges the significant change of raising her child, Kase Townes Murray, after her breakup from former husband Ty Murray, as it was one of the biggest challenges in her life. Now that they are co-parenting, they always have to put their child first. She will either take her deepest breath or just let go when she finds it hard to do this process. Anyhow, the country singer knows kindness is the only way to go.
Jewel revealed she never wishes her son to be perfect. She only wants him to be kind to himself and be a work in progress. The singer is also grateful that she can bring Kase to work and she does not have to leave him at a daycare center. Instead, she can teach him when they travel together. Though the kid is yet to show if he is going to follow in his mom’s footsteps, Jewel is giving her credits for being capable at an early age.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Although Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are amicable, the actress admits co-parenting is not always easy for them. They also have a lot of ups and downs. The Iron Man star says it is like ending their marriage but staying as a family. However, despite the hardships, the actress says they have the same purpose of unity and love to do what is best for the kids.
Thankfully, Paltrow’s relationship with Martin is much better today than when they were married. She even gives credits to the doctor that gave them a rubric so that they could successfully co-parent their kids. The businesswoman said they had to have radical accountability and know that every relationship is 50/50. Paltrow added she had to be brave enough to be responsible for her half and her own faults and trauma and how it affected their relationship.

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan had a rocky start with motherhood, but the actress says she would not change a thing.

The Blue Bloods actress became the topic of all headlines back in 2006 after she announced that she was expecting her first child with NFL superstar Tom Brady. The only problem was, the couple had already broken up, and Brady has already moved on with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Although it was an extremely tricky situation to navigate, Moynahan made it work just fine. According to the actress, she never had dreams of getting married and building a large traditional family, so single motherhood is suited for her just fine. The actress and the American football star had co-parented through the years, with their son, John Edward, living primarily with his mother. Given the former couple’s income, we’re confident that they’ve made all the suitable investments to ensure their son’s future.

Kylie Jenner

It’s not too often that we see pregnancies being hidden successfully in Hollywood, and especially not among celebrities as big as the Kardashian-Jenner clan. However, Kylie Jenner pulled it off without so much as breaking a sweat.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan sent the Hollywood media into a frenzy when she unexpectedly announced the birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster, back in 2018. The make-up mogul and her beau, Travis Scott, broke the announcement through her YouTube channel in a video titled, To Our Daughter. Dropping an announcement that big in a place like Hollywood is unheard of, but Jenner did it with the help of her tight-lipped friends. The status of Jenner and Scott’s relationship is unclear at the moment, but the two are undoubtedly co-parenting their adorable daughter. However, despite Jenner being a single mom, we believe she and Travis got the appropriate insurance to ensure Stormi’s well-being.

Khloe Kardashian

The next Kardashian-Jenner on our list is none other than the vibrant and free-spirited character that is Khloe Kardashian. Besides being a member of one of the most famous Hollywood clans, Kardashian is also quite known for her colorful love life. The youngest of the Kardashian sister has had some ups and downs with her romantic life over the years, but nowadays, she focuses all her love and attention on her beautiful daughter, True Thompson.

True is Kardashian’s daughter with NBA superstar Tristan Thompson. Unfortunately, they have been on and off over the years. The Kardashian sister is currently a single mom to her daughter but shares custody with her former flame. Regardless of their relationship status, however, we’re certain that Kardashian and Thompson can afford to make lavish investments for their daughter. This is quite evident in the stylish lifestyle that 3-year-old True enjoys.

Edie Falco

Hollywood is filled with single moms who actively chose motherhood without the help of a partner. Edie Falco is one of them.

After two failed relationships and an almost fatal diagnosis, Falco decided that it was time to have kids. At 48 years old, she became a mother to her two adopted children, Anderson and Macy. Having kids was initially not a part of her plans, but after considering the thought when she was still in a relationship, Falco gave it a go. However, the American actress is not alone in her journey through motherhood. The actress opened that her friends often lend her a helping hand in raising her kids. This has, of course, given her a great degree of comfort, considering that she is raising two kids on her own. The Nurse Jackie star also brings her kids to red carpet events every now and then. However, only time will tell if they’ll follow in their mom’s footsteps.

 Mia Farrow

Model turned actress Mia Farrow has had a very colorful yet challenging life under the spotlight.

This single mother has been the topic of headlines over the years, thanks to her high-profile marriages and relationships. This model turned actress was first married to American crooner Frank Sinatra from 1966 to 1968. After lawyers finalized her separation from Sinatra, Farrow moved on and married musical conductor Andre Previn, with whom she had six children. After separating from Previn, Farrow continued growing her family and adopted Dylan and Moses Farrow. Soon, the actress met Woody Allen and started a family with him as well. Together with Allen, Farrow had five more children, four of whom were adopted. Unfortunately, the actress separated from Allen in 1992 and spent the following years as a single mother. Her children are all grown up now and are finding their own place in the world.

Meg Ryan

America’s sweetheart Meg Ryan was on top of the world back in the ‘90s with a thriving career and a seemingly happy marriage to actor Dennis Quaid. However, when lawyers dissolved their marriage, the actress decided to take a step back from acting and focus on herself and her two children.

Ryan is a mom to two beautiful children, her biological son Jack and her adopted daughter Daisy True. Her two kids are all grown up now, but she is still very much hands-on, especially with her 17-year-old daughter, Daisy. According to the actress, she has a very special bond with her youngest, saying that meeting her was almost magical. However, not much is known about Daisy since the actress basically raised her away from the spotlight. However, with a doting mother like Ryan, we’re confident that Daisy is getting all the love and support she needs.

Andy Cohen

When it comes to becoming a parent, Andy Cohen was done waiting!

The Watch What Happens Live host announced back in 2019 that he would be welcoming a son via surrogate and as a single father. Like many other single parents, Cohen also did not want to approach parenthood alone. However, time was of the essence, and he wasn’t getting any younger. Single and in his 50s, Cohen took a chance and enlisted the help of a surrogate and welcomed his son, Benjamin, on February 4, 2019. With a net worth of around $50 million and a thriving television career, we’re certain that he will be able to afford all the right investments for his son’s future. Right now, however, the late show host is keeping everything about his son under wraps and rarely comes out in public with him.

Calista Flockhart

Technically speaking, Calista Flockhart is no longer a single mom. However, there was a point in her life that she had to fly solo raising her son, Liam.

With the help of her lawyers, the Brothers and Sisters actress adopted her son, Liam, back in 2001. Soon after the actress took Liam in, she quickly retreated from the spotlight to focus her attention on raising her son. Then, by 2002, Flockhart crossed paths with veteran actor Harrison Ford and soon began dating. Right off the bat, Harrison assumed the father role for Liam. He even opened up about their family setting and commented that his wife of 11 years has done an incredible job raising Liam. Flockhart’s son is all grown up now and is on his way to college. The family recently made headlines when they were spotted taking a stylish private plane to help Liam move into his dormitory.

Camryn Manheim

Camryn Manheim is an American actress best known for her roles in The Practice and Ghost Whisperer. Beyond the spotlight, however, she is simply known as mom to 20-year-old Milo Manheim.

As a single mother, Manheim would often take her son with her wherever she goes. Whether it’s shoots or red-carpet events, when Manheim is there, you best believe her son is too. This is probably why the young Manheim also developed the same passion for acting like his mother. So far, the young aspiring actor has earned major credits in two projects; Disney’s Zombie and 2018 Dancing With The Stars. Although he has a long way to go to achieve the same success his mom has, we’re pretty sure that he’s getting all the support and guidance he needs. He might also pursue music as he is pretty talented with the piano, guitar, and ukelele.


Madonna is definitely an all-around superwoman. Not only is she a living pop legend, but she’s also a super mom to her children.

The Queen of Pop has six children: Lourdes, Rocco, David Banda, Mercy James, Esther, and Stella. Her eldest, Lourdes, is all grown up now and has just finished a degree from the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre, & Dance. While Lourdes is now trying to find her footing in the real world, Madonna is shifting her focus to her younger children, particularly David. The singer’s third child is currently training to become a professional football in Portugal, prompting the pop singer to uproot her life and move to Europe. It’s such a big move for the Queen of Pop, and she even admitted to feeling lonely at times. However, she also stated that her children’s dreams and future come first, and so she’s willing to stay with his son until he’s ready to strike out on his own.

Miranda Kerr

Before Miranda Kerr became Evan Speigel’s other half, the Australian supermodel had to spend some time being a single mom to her first son, Flynn.

Kerr was married to British actor Orlando Bloom for three years before enlisting her lawyer’s help to dissolve their marriage in 2013. After her split with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Kerr juggled her time between being a supermodel and a full-time mom. That meant that she had to carry her then 3-year-old son around as she jet-sets across the globe. Fortunately, she co-parented with her ex, Bloom, so whenever the little man wasn’t with his momma, she’d be hanging around his dad’s lavish homes. However, the Australian model has since transitioned from being a single mom to being a wife and mother of three after marrying Snapchat founder Speigel. Several of the couple’s closest friends have said that the two are meant for each other, so I guess Kerr will have someone to lean on forever.

Sadie Frost

Sadie Frost has reinvented her career a couple of times over the decades, but she is a mom first and foremost.

The actress turned fashion designer was first married to Garry Kemp from 1988 to 1995. Together, they had one child, a son named Finlay, born in 1990. Five years after the couple welcomed their only son, they decided to part ways. Shortly after her split with her former spouse, Frost began dating actor Jude Law and tied the knot with him back in 1997. During their six-year-long marriage, Frost and Law welcomed three kids, Rafferty, Iris, and Rudy. Sadly, she went back to being a single mom when she and Law called quits on their marriage in 2003. Following their separation, the former couple agreed to co-parent their children and create joint investments geared towards ensuring their future. She has not remarried and is currently focusing her attention on her children and her career.

Kimberly Stewart

American socialite Kimberly Stewart once spent her days partying it up in the poshest nightclubs across the globe. Nowadays, instead of living up to her party-girl persona, Stewart has her hands full in being a mom to Delilah Genoveva Stewart.

On August 21, 2011, Stewart welcomed her daughter and announced it to fans through Benicio del Torro’s publicist, her partner at that time. According to the socialite, she does not regret leaving her party-girl days behind since her daughter has been an absolute joy to be around. She was also a stay-at-home mom during the earlier years of her daughter’s life and said that she enjoyed every second of it. Although Stewart maintains some degree of privacy, she occasionally steps out in public with her daughter. She also co-parents with del Torro, although their relationship status is a bit unclear at the moment.

Chantelle Houghton

Being a single parent is a route that almost no one planned to take. However, some celebrities have made it work, like Chantelle Houghton.

Houghton is an English TV personality and columnist known for being the grand winner of the British series Celebrity Big Brother. After winning the television reality competition, Houghton married her co-star Samuel Preston in August of 2006. However, a year later, the two decided to end their union and go their separate ways. The media star would go on to have another relationship before dating cage fighter Alex Reid. The couple started dating in 2011 and announced that they were expecting in the same year. Sadly, the relationship did not last, and Houghton became a single mom to Dolly Reid. The two might have broken up, but their child’s future is still their number one investment priority.

Katie Price

Having one child is already a massive responsibility, but being a mom to five is a task only the strong endure. Katie Price is one of them.

The media personality/entrepreneur welcomed her first child, Harvey, back in 2002, followed by Junior in 2005, and Princess in 2007. After lawyers finalized her separation from her then-husband, Price got together with professional fighter Alex Reid before calling it quits in 2011. Then, by January of the following year, Price married her third husband, Kieran Hayler, with whom she shares her children, Jett and Bunny. Like her previous marriages, her relationship with Hayler also ended with a legal separation. Nowadays, the media personality is busy being a mom to her five kids. However, she admitted that being a single mother can be very tough at times, so it’s important for her to have some time off. Despite this, Price continues to work hard for her career and her children.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon has been on our television screens since she auditioned for The X Factor’s sixth season in 2009. The 30-year-old finished third in the reality show’s competition as a finalist. After her success on the show, Stacey released an album called Shy before co-hosting The X Factor in 2017.

Solomon’s three kids make up his clan. Zachary is from her prior relationship with Dean Cox. Her second child, Leighton, is from her ex-fiancé Aaron Barnham, and Rex is from her current relationship with Joe Swash. She also plays the role of a stepmom to Swash’s son, Harry. Solomon frequently posts pictures and videos on social media, and she speaks openly about her life as a mom on Loose Women. More recently, Solomon has announced that she and her fiancé Swash are expecting another child. She always shows her support for other single parents through her social media account and is known for her degree of strength as a single mom.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade lives a double life in many respects. He spent sixteen years as a member of the Miami Heat. In addition, he has three NBA championships to his credit, a 13-time NBA All-Star, and an eight-time member of the All-NBA squad. He’s an NBA mega-star for the Miami Heat on the court, but he’s also a hands-on parent to his sons off the court.

Wade is married to actress Gabrielle Union and has four children: Zaya, Zaire Blessing, Xavier Zachariah, and Kaavia. The first three children were from Wade’s first wife, Siohvaughn Funches, and Kaavia was born after he married Union. Moreover, he also adopted his nephew in 2011. After his daughter Zaya came out as transgender, Wade advised parents to embrace their children and conduct proper research. Union went on to say that being a stepmother prepared her to care for Kaavia and taught her that it’s alright not to be a perfect parent.

Elen Rivas

Frank Lampard is known for his goal-scoring skills, holding the record for being the club’s all-time best scorer with 211 goals in all matches. He is one of the best midfielders of his generation and the greatest Chelsea player of all time.

Lampard met Elen Rivas in a London club where she used to work. After dating for a while, the madly in love pair got engaged and went on to have two children. Luna Lampard, her older daughter, was born on August 22, 2005, and she gave birth to Isla Lampard almost two years later. It was a typical happy family until the couple decided to separate on mutual terms. She then moved to her flat with her girls following the breakup, yet her children see their father frequently and have a strong bond with him. Despite being a single mom for 12 years, Rivas surely built her investments for her kids.

Christina Aguilera

Over the years, Christina Aguilera has reinvented herself almost as many times as her musical idol Madonna. She grew up in the ‘80s, at the height of the Queen of Pop’s reign. Over the years, she has worked hard to establish her degree as a true pop icon. There are many ways to characterize Aguilera: Grammy winner, Voice coach, platinum-selling superstar — but to her children, she’s just mom.

Aguilera has two young children, Max and Summer, whom she enjoys spending time with when she is not on the road selling millions of records. Summer, whom she had with her current fiancé, Matthew Rutler, and Max, whom she had with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman. Despite past turmoil, Aguilera appears to be happier than ever. However, she confesses that raising her son on her own has been “difficult,” but she believes it is worthwhile as long as her children are happy.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn was spotted at the age of 16 in a local Primark and has been unstoppable ever since. In 2008, she was titled “Model of the Year” by the British Fashion Council. She is also one of the four cover models for Vogue Italia’s legendary Black Models issue in July. Jourdan has walked the runways for practically every top designer and made history as the first black model to walk for Prada after Naomi. Aside from her fame, she is also a mom to Riley Dunn.

Dunn discovered she was pregnant at the age of 18 and shortly found her baby had sickle-cell anemia. She modeled until she was six months pregnant, landing a prestigious spot on Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring 2010 runway. The supermodel claims that having a son has taught her to make things work. He may have steered her in the right direction, and now she is concentrating more on her investments for little Riley.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman has played various characters throughout the years, but nothing brings her as much joy as being a mother. The Motherhood star had an easy time raising her three children, Maya Hawke, Levon Hawke, and Luna Thurman-Busson.

Maya and Levon, Uma’s older children, are shared with her ex-husband, Ethan Hawke. However, Thurman and Hawke separated three years later after Levon was born in 2005. She did, however, give up her single status in 2007 when she fell in love with Arpad Busson. They dated on and off for the following six years before parting in 2014. Thurman has a beautiful relationship with all three of her children. Although motherhood and balancing her Hollywood degree takes “a lot of energy and stress,” she would not trade her role as a mother for anything. While parenting can be full of joy, Thurman understands that there is also pressure to raise competent children. The actress makes it a point to always be in a good and pleasant frame of mind when she’s with her family.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner rose to fame as the butt-kicking Agent Sydney Bristow in the spy drama Alias. With her television success, she began to impact Hollywood with Catch Me If You Can and Daredevil. Currently, Garner returned to television in the new Netflix film Yes Day. No matter how great her film investments are, her three kids will always top her list of priorities.

Garner and Ben Affleck began their family in the same year when Violet, their oldest daughter, was born. Seraphina, the couple’s second daughter, was born in 2009, and Samuel, their youngest, was born in 2012. Since their split, they have put their differences aside for the benefit of their children. Jen has learned a lot about parenthood in the years since she gave birth to her children, and she’s incorporated what she’s learned into her daily life. She claimed that she is continuously trying to educate her children on the importance of staying positive.

Angelina Jolie

With notable performances in films such as Wanted, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Salt, and Changeling, Angelina Jolie became a household name in Hollywood. She starred in Disney’s Maleficent, which was a tremendous international hit and prompted a sequel. She exudes the aura of a conventional movie star, so it’s no surprise that she made touch with Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt in 2004. They shared six kids (three adopted, three biological), married in 2014, and appeared to be content living together as an eight-person household. Until September 2016, that is.

Jolie is now unmarried and lives in an investment house with practically all teenagers. She has made a conscious effort not to fall in front of her children to provide them with a sense of security. Apart from Jolie’s efforts to be vital for everyone, her six children have also shown bravery by staying with their mother during one of their families’ most trying periods.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best and highest-paid athletes in the world. He also has 240 million Instagram followers, making him the most followed person on the platform. While football fans can’t get enough of Ronaldo’s on-field exploits, his life off the field is just as fascinating. He has one son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, and then, in 2017, his brood grew to four.

He welcomed twins Eva and Mateo Ronaldo through a surrogate in June 2017. The procedure can cost up to $100,000, but given Ronaldo’s reputed investment money, that’s a drop in the bucket. Then, less than a month later, Ronaldo revealed that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was expecting his fourth child. According to him, it is a one-of-a-kind and personal experience that has entirely transformed him. Being a father and watching his family develop is, without a doubt, the most incredible privilege he has ever had.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom rose to prominence in the early 2000s after his performance in the Lord of the Rings movie. Following that, the Pirates of the Caribbean series solidified his reputation as one of the decade’s most renowned actors. Bloom is currently dating Katy Perry. While we don’t know when they plan to tie the knot, we do know who will almost certainly be there: Bloom’s children.

Bloom met the lady he fell in love with while he was at the pinnacle of his early career: model Miranda Kerr. The couple dated from 2007 and married three years later in 2010. Flynn, Bloom and Kerr’s son, was born in January 2011. However, speculations of a split surfaced, and they confirmed their separation in October 2013. Bloom occasionally posts images of Flynn on Instagram. However, he usually obscures his son’s face to a degree. He enjoys being a father to his kids, and his enthusiasm for them has increased dramatically in recent months.

Ricky Martin

The singer of Livin’ La Vida Loca has always sought a large family. This desire became true for him and his husband, artist Jwan Yosef. The couple recently added their fourth child, who will join their twins Matteo and Valentino and Lucia.

Ricky welcomed Matteo and Valentino in 2008 before meeting Yosef. Lucia, their first child, was born on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be Martin’s birthday. He has spent the last few years advocating against child trafficking as an ardent advocate for children’s rights. Martin is one of the first Puerto Rican superstars to become a single father, and he has plenty of experience to offer on the ups and downs of doing so. What was the first stumbling block he encountered? He’ll have to explain surrogacy to his children. Martin owns investment homes in Malibu and Puerto Rico – which we’re sure his four children will enjoy.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson plays a father who will go to any length to reclaim his daughter in the movie Taken. In real life, the actor has had to deal with nearly as much sadness in his personal life, most notably the loss of his beautiful wife Natasha Richardson in 2009, leaving her husband to care for their two sons, Michaél and Daniel.

The abrupt and unexpected accident rocked the entire Neeson family. More than ten years after their sad loss, some fans ask how the actor and his children are doing. Michaél’s devotion to self-improvement was successful, which was fortunate for the entire family. Neeson approves of him following in his father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in acting. Meanwhile, Daniel has been busy with his projects. However, with his burgeoning investments, does Daniel have time for his family? He is not required to do so as his family has time for him.

Antonio Banderas

With roles as an angry desperado, a masked guy, and the cartoon title character in Puss in Boots, Antonio Banderas has a diverse career investment. Banderas suffered a heart attack back in 2017, and he says the incident taught him to prioritize the important things in his life. And what’s at the top of his to-do list? His daughter, of course.

Melanie Griffith and Banderas met on the set of Two Much. What began as an on-set affair blossomed into an almost 20-year marriage, with Banderas’ daughter Stella as the outcome. Sadly, their romance ended in 2014. However, it does not appear like the two have any negative sentiments toward one another since they continue to hang together as a family. Stella is the actor’s and Melanie’s only child. However, she is not the only child in the family. Banderas also step-fathered her half-siblings, Alexander Bauer and Dakota Johnson.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson acted and sung on television and in school productions as a child and a teenager. In 2010, he auditioned for the television talent show The X Factor, and the judges paired him with four other contestants to form a boy band: Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. This band became a chart-topping pop sensation when they performed as One Direction. Tomlinson later returned to The X Factor as a judge and coach after his success with the group.

Tomlinson and his ex-girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth, welcomed their first kid, a baby boy named Freddie Reign, in January 2016. Since then, we saw snatches of the joyful young guy’s life. The former couple is highly protective of their son and only occasionally shares images of him with the world. Tomlinson is probably known for his career investments, but parenting is one of the “most fulfilling” and “fascinating” professions he ever got.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum admitted before that he was afraid of being a single father to his daughter, Everly, whom he shares with his former wife, Jenna Dewan. However, to his credit, he is doing an exceptional job of raising his daughter on his own. The Step Up star has created a bond with his daughter that he thinks that other single dads out there can do as well. It is understandable that he would feel out of depth when raising a daughter since he doesn’t have any nail polish or ties his hair, but he took on the challenge!

In return, he has experienced a stronger bond and love with Everly, whom he dotes on. He revealed that he was always in costume when at home and has been wearing paint on his face to please his daughter. He even wrote a children’s book that was inspired by his daughter! How sweet is that?

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has established himself as a bona fide actor who has a knack for doing action films. However, did you know that he started out as a stand-up comedian? His breakthrough as a comedian was when he was included in the cast of the comedy show In Living Color. After his stint in the show, he worked on several films, including Any Given Sunday, Ali, Collateral, and Breakin’ All the Rules, just to name a few.

The actor’s biggest role was becoming a single father to his two daughters, Corinne and Annalise, whom he had with his previous relationships. Corinne is following her father’s footsteps in the entertainment industry and has already received an Emmy for her work in Live in Front of a Studio Audience: All in the Family, and of course, Good Times. Her half-sister, Annalise, on the other hand, is amazing at football. Clearly, Foxx has used his investment money on his daughters wisely.

Carlos Ponce

Carlos Ponce certainly made a name for himself as a Puerto Rican actor when he was cast in the TV series, Sentiminetos ajenos. His performance earned him more , such as Blameless Love, Angel de la Guarda, and 7th Heaven. He has been honing his acting chops since then, which is one of the reasons why he has acquired himself a huge net worth that he uses on his four children.

Though separated from his wife, Veronica Rubio, Ponce has always maintained a good relationship with his children. He was a hands-on type of father and was often present in school meetings. It is not surprising that he has several investments to back his finances since he is helping them get into good schools themselves. For sure, his children have a lot to be thankful for that their father remains a constant presence in their lives even after their parents had split.

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, legend, and icon, Michael Jackson, was not only an amazing singer, but he was also a doting father to his two children, Prince and Paris. He took on the role of a single parent since his then-wife, Debbie Rowe, had no plans to become a mother. The Heal the World singer was the one who did all the diaper changes and feeding and everything in between. To his credit, he did not mind the task at all since he always wanted to become a father.

Jackson has an impressive career even before he had his children. He started out with his siblings in the band Jackson Five, and from there, he proved that flying solo was his for the taking. He had become a legend, and with his finances, he didn’t have to worry about his children taking out student loans in the future.

Brad Pitt

Hollywood A-lister and one of the hottest in the entertainment industry, Brad Pitt, is no stranger to taking on a variety of roles in his life. His biggest and most challenging role yet is as a single father to his own brood as he and his ex-wife, actress Angelina Jolie, split after several years of marriage. The two have been co-parenting their children to ensure that they are given the best lives possible.

A source close to the actor reported that Pitt likes to hang out with his children, letting them cook and just talk with them. He has been encouraging them to pursue their passions. The cost is not a problem since the actor has plenty of investments to see his children get a good life. Though the couple has been facing some tough times lately because of the custody, Pitt has been doing his best to provide for his family even when he is not at home.

Tom Cruise

Top Gun star, Tom Cruise, has led a very successful career in Hollywood since the ‘80s. He has plenty of films under his belt and has proven time and time again that he has the acting chops to take on any role. The Interview with the Vampire actor was once married to actress Nicole Kidman, and they have two adopted children between them. His relationship with them after the split was amicable since both decided to stay with him after their parents split.

However, his relationship with his daughter Suri from his second wife, Katie Holmes, has been relatively non-existent. Sources said that it was because of his religion that prevented him from seeing his daughter. Though he has a strong bond with his first two kids, it is not known if he has been sending parts of his investment money to his biological daughter.

 Johnny Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp, is currently facing some tough times with his ex-wife, Aquaman star Amber Heard, for the past few years. However, as with any of his roles, the actor has been doing his best to keep his head afloat. The controversies that hounded him may have affected his work, but it did not diminish how his children with French singer Vanessa Paradis still look up to him though their parents have split.

Truth be told, they were all supportive of him with his ordeal right now. Lily-Rose has gone on to become an actress like her father, while his son Jack has started his own band. Depp has made sure that he maintained a good relationship with his children even as a single father. He has been using finances as investments for their future, just like any parent would do.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is considered to be one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, and with good reason. His striking features are best used to his advantage with every role that he took on screen. He has taken on several projects, including Transformers, which was an instant hit. He is slated to appear in Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix, and many of his fans are eager to see his new role. His personal life is quite exciting as his career since he is dating model and beauty queen Audra Mari.

This is after he and his ex-wife, Black Eyed Peas member, Fergie, called it quits. The two remained co-parents to their child and, to their credit, they are doing well. Duhamel has kept his relationship with his son after all these years, which proved that he is one doting father. It remains to be seen whether he will add more children to his name as he has kept his relationship with Mari relatively a secret.

Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith is definitely lucky both in career and in love. The model was first scouted along with his siblings, but he was the one whose modeling career flourished over the years. He has walked down the runway several times for high-profile fashion icons, so it is not surprising that he has an impressive net worth at such a young age. Aside from his success as a model, he is also a father of two.

The first one is named Gravity, whom he shares with his former partner, Stormi Bree, who he has half of the custody. The second is the one that he’s expecting with his wife, model Nara Pellman. Smith has been fighting off rumors and remarks that he hasn’t been pulling parental duties, but he has already pointed out that he was doing 50% of the work. For sure, his newest addition to his family will have a comfortable life thanks to his parents’ wise use of their investment money.

Scott Disick

Scott Disick has already separated with Kourtney Kardashian, but he has been working on co-parenting his three children. Though Disick’s relationship with his former flame is a work in progress, he has been taking his time to care for his children. It was tough to come up with a schedule for the children, especially when he is not at home, but they took it in stride. They have been putting a lot of their investments on their children, even taking them on vacations together.

Disick and Kardashian’s relationship was open to the public because of the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Their ups and downs were featured there, which was tough on them, especially after their split. Fortunately, things have settled down a bit for them to perform their parenting duties. Disick is currently in a relationship with Amelia Hamlin, who is younger than him.

Pierce Brosnan

The James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, became a single father after his first wife, Cassandra Harris, passed away due to ovarian cancer. The two had one biological child named Sean together. The actor adopted Harris’ own children as his own after they got married. Losing his wife was a big blow to the family, especially he has three children to raise. However, the actor managed it by taking on more work while keeping a great relationship with his kids.

Brosnan is currently married to Keely Shaye Smith, and they added two more to their brood. The actor proved that he was able to step up to the role of being a single father even before he married his second time. With his investments in his career, he has no trouble taking care of his growing family. He remains active as an actor today, though he is taking things slowly, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

 Al Pacino

Scarface actor and Hollywood A-lister Al Pacino is not only an exceptional actor, but he is also a great father to his children. He has three children from his previous relationships, and though he has split with his former partners, he made it a point to co-parent them. Though this took a while to happen since there were bad feelings between him and his previous partners, they were able to set aside their differences for their children.

The Irishman actor made sure that his investment money is being used for his children’s welfare. He didn’t even push them in the limelight to keep their lives private as much as possible. The award-winning actor certainly has a successful career both in Hollywood and as a parent. He has always stated that he made sure that he has time for his three children as much as he can.


The R & B star, Usher, has led an impressive music career starting from the ‘90s. He has won numerous awards and has released several albums to date. He has also got married to his long-time manager and girlfriend, Grace Miguel. He has three children too, but with his previous partner and ex-wife. The first one was with Jenn Goicoechea, while the two were from his first marriage to Tameka Foster. The split has caused a rift between the two, but Usher was able to get full custody of his children.

Being a single parent was tough for the singer, but he made sure that he uses his investments for their betterment. He has a solid relationship with his children and it seems that he was able to handle being a single dad for some time before eloping with his now-wife.

 Ryan Philippe

Ryan Philippe and Cruel Intentions co-star, Reese Witherspoon tied the knot back in 1999 and were together until 2008. They share two children between them, namely Ava and Deacon Reese. The two had a great married life until they drifted apart. Though the couple separated, they worked hard to co-parent their two children, who are now all grown up. Ava is a budding model, while their youngest is barely in his twenties.

Philippe has taken up the slack as a single parent, but it seems that his relationship with Ava has somewhat lessened of late. Witherspoon, on the other hand, is trying to fix this as Ava’s point of view has changed over the years. The actor has not been remiss with his co-parenting duties and has been sharing his investments with them, too. It remains to be seen on how their co-parenting will proceed once their children are full blown adults.

 Idris Elba

The Luther actor, Idris Elba, has made a name for himself in Hollywood. He has shown time and time again what an impressive actor he is, not to mention one of the sexiest to date. He has worked on several films, including Hobbs & Shaw, Star Trek Beyond, Prometheus, The Take, Pacific Rim, and The Dark Tower, just to name a few. He has also found success as a single parent to his children, Isan and Winston, with whom he had with his former, wife Kim Norgaard.

Isan has been with him during red carpet events and is the one who keeps his ego in check. His son, Winston, is not a fan of the limelight but has been well cared for by his pops. To his credit, Elba has maintained a good relationship with his children even now when he is married to model Sabrina Dhowre.


Seal is one of the most famous British musicians in the entertainment industry. He is best known for his numerous hit singles, such as Kiss From a Rose, If You Don’t Know Me By Now, Fly Like an Eagle, It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, and I Can’t Stand the Rain. His priceless contribution to the music world has earned him various accolades, including a Grammy, a Brits Award, and an APRA Award. He was once married to the iconic supermodel Heidi Klum from 2005 up until 2014. Together, the former couple shared four wonderful children named Lou, Johan, Leni, and Henry. Although Seal’s separation from Klum may have brought up some challenges for their family, the two were able to work it out.

Seal and Klum managed to establish a co-parenting system for their children. The musician continues to make investments in keeping a close relationship with his kids.

 Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is one of the most iconic actors in the entertainment industry. Almost everyone knows who he is. He has made several acting credits in films, such as The Cotton Club, The Boy in Blue, It Could Happen to You, Gone in 60 Seconds, and National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Cage is one of the few actors in Hollywood who opts to use the infamous method-acting. People love him for his peculiarity, making him stand out in a sea of celebrities. Although Cage remains to be popular to date, not a lot of people know much about his personal life. He has been married five times and has two children named Weston and Kal-El.

His son Weston, in particular, has been under Cage’s care since his separation from his partner. He even dedicated his film Knowing to his fellow single fathers, empathizing with them in the perks and perils of the job.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas is a legendary actor who has earned several accolades for his countless contributions to the entertainment industry. He has received a European Film Award and a Cannes Award. In addition, he has been nominated numerous times for a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award. He has made a number of acting credits throughout his entire career, including Requiem for a Spanish Peasant, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, If They Tell You I Fell, The Mask of Zorro, and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. The accomplishments of this great actor are beyond phenomenal.

However, there’s more to Banderas than just acting. Since his separation from former wife Melanie Griffith, the 60-year-old actor has been a single parent to his children. Banderas and Griffith have remained close friends and have established a co-parenting system for their family.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is a famous musician who is best known for his hit singles Can’t Get You Off My Mind, Are You Gonna Go My Way, It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over, The Pleasure and the Pain, and Always on the Run, among others. His several contributions to the music industry have earned him a number of accolades, including four Grammy Awards in a row. Some of his other recognitions include Radio Music Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Brit Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and American Music Awards. Other than his music career, Kravtiz has made some acting credits in films like Precious, The Butler, and The Hunger Games.

Kravitz was once married to actress Lisa Bonet. Together, they share one daughter, the actress Zoe Kravitz. Although they are no longer together, Bonet and Kravitz have remained good friends. Kravtiz and his daughter Zoe also share a close relationship up to date.

 Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a prominent musician who is credited for his hit singles like When I Dream at Night, My Baby You, A Quien Quiero Mentirle, You Sang to Me, and Tu Amor Me Hace Bien. His tremendous talent has earned him several accolades throughout his career, including six Latin Grammy Awards and three Grammy Awards. Outside of his bountiful music career, Anthony ventured into acting. Some of his film appearances include In the Time of the Butterflies, Bringing Out The Dead, Natural Causes, Man on Fire, and Big Night. Although he has been involved with different women, his most remembered relationship was probably the one with Jennifer Lopez.

Anthony and J.Lo were married for ten years, from 2004 until 2014. Together, they share two children, twins Maximilian and Emme. The kids currently live with their mother, and Anthony spends time to visit them.

George Lucas

George Lucas is an icon and a juggernaut within Hollywood. He is known as the creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, both of which are considered to be among the most successful franchises of all time. In addition, he has founded and made investments in several of his own companies, including Lucasfilm, LucasArts, and Industrial Light & Magic. Over the years, Lucas has been a single parent to his three children: Amanda, Kate, and Jett.

His three children were all adopted back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. The three of them appeared in their father’s work, particularly in the Star Wars prequel series. Today, the three went on to have separate careers. Amanda became an MMA fighter, while both Jett and Kate became involved in entertainment. As for Lucas himself, he has been married to entrepreneur Mellody Hudson since 2013 and shared a child, Everest.

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus has been one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. He became well-known for his role as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. He initially started as a model and gives credit to his modeling career for jumpstarting his later career. Throughout his life, he has been a single parent to his son Mingus. It all came about when Reedus dated supermodel Helena Christensen back in 1998. A year of dating later, Christensen gave birth to Mingus. In 2003, the former couple called it quits, agreeing to co-parent their only son.

Today, Reedus and Christensen remain friends. As for their son, he became a model like his parents. One of his most recent appearances was with his mom for Victoria’s Secret’s Mother’s Day campaign in April 2021. As for Reedus, he has since been in another relationship with Diane Kruger, with whom he shares a daughter, Nova.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is one of the most recognizable musicians from Britain. He is known as the frontman and co-founder of the rock band Coldplay. The band became globally known for their song Yellow, which was released back in 2000. This, along with a string of successes over the years, made Coldplay one of the best-selling bands of all time. While he has been in a relationship with actress Dakota Johnson since 2017, he has been a single parent to his two children, Apple and Moses, from his previous marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow and Martin were married in 2003 and remained so until 2016.

Today, Apple and Moses have grown up quite very well. This was thanks to their parents agreeing to co-parent them, as per the settlement between their lawyers. Martin and Paltrow have never been shy about showing their love to their two children, with Paltrow especially posting Instagram photos of her with Apple.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood. He initially started as a bodybuilder, becoming one of the most legendary figures in that area. Many give credit to him for advancing the sport. However, many know him for his role as the Terminator, the iconic cyborg in the Terminator franchise. In addition, he has been a successful politician, becoming Governor of California in the early 2000s. Since 2011, he has been a single parent to his five children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick, Christopher, and Joseph. All except Joseph were his children with his former wife, Meria Shriver, while Joseph was his child with a household employee, Mildred Baena.

Today, all five of his children have been quite active in their respective fields. Katherine is a writer. Meanwhile, Christina and Patrick have been involved in entertainment. Christopher has been focusing on his college studies while Joseph has followed his father’s footsteps in bodybuilding.