Check Out the Luxurious Homes Of Most Iconic Celebrity Couples

When it comes to relationship goals, our favorite Celebrity couples come to mind most of the time. Well, what’s not to love about them? It’s incredible to see the famous ones find success in both their personal and professional lives. Since having a sneak peek at their daily lives from our social media feeds, we’ve drawn inspiration from them in achieving every milestone.

While we might know these loved-up duos’ anniversaries, adorable kids, and red-carpet moments, where they live sometimes remains a mystery. Don’t worry, though! We’re giving you an intimate look at their houses and other real estate investments. As you scroll through this list, you’ll discover how these A-List twosomes can afford to live in ridiculously opulent multi-million-dollar homes! You’ll also have a glimpse at their combined net worth, the exceptional amenities in their enviable houses, and many more!

 George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin | $13 Million |River Thames, London

Everybody knows the cute love story of the Hollywood A-list star George Clooney and the famed international lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Just when everybody thought the actor would not marry at all, he married the barrister back in 2014. Now, the two have twins and are building the lives they want together in their $13-million English mansion.

The couple’s home is not just an ordinary mansion. It is a 17th-century villa that sits on a whopping four-acre land. It is located in the middle of the River Thames in London that makes it more dramatic. Clooney and Alamuddin had the house renovated after they bought it and added their own cinema, a grand terrace, and a new pool house, where they often held their parties. To make it more English, it is complete with hardwood floors and a wood-burning fireplace. It also comes with a glass-covered garden room filled with citrus trees and is complete with a rustic cottage.