These Celebrities Are Still Alive Today And Might Look Familiar

Hollywood has launched the careers of many renowned celebrities, like Drew Barrymore and Brad Pitt. These stars had their start in the industry in various decades and have reached the pinnacle of their colorful careers. Nowadays, stars like Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom have focused less on his acting endeavors since his 2000s stardom. Like him, many actors from that decade now sporadically appear on the silver screen. Meanwhile, some big celebrities in the 1990s, like Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger, are still active in Hollywood.

Today, you may notice changes from these actors’ appearances, as they have transformed over the years. Change is normal and somehow necessary because they’re always required to follow the trend and look good in front of the big and small screens. Sometimes, the transformations they go through are massive to the degree that they look almost unrecognizable from their old photos.

Brad Pitt | Born in 1963

We understand if you’ve been a fan of Brad Pitt for a long time. Why not? The actor has been in the limelight following his breakout role in Thelma & Louise in 1991 and appeared in blockbusters like Ocean’s Eleven, Troy, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It’s reasonable to say that Pitt has had a significant impact on the film business, which continues today.

He worked several occupations to supplement his income before deciding to pursue acting full-time. He drove limos, moved refrigerators, and even dressed up as a giant chicken for a local restaurant. He began his acting career with Roy London, and his early performances confirmed his remarkable degree of talent as an actor at the time. His breakthrough came in Thelma and Louise, in which he received 14 minutes of screen time while portraying a cowboy. He has stated that he will be focusing on some roles shortly, but he is focused on film production and keeping behind the scenes for the time being.