30 Intriguing Amish Facts You Likely Weren’t Aware Of

The Amish reside in our midst, primarily in regions like Lancaster Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and specific areas of Canada. They mostly lead insular lives, avoiding the contemporary conveniences that many of us deem essential.
Discover 30 intriguing tidbits about the Amish, beginning with the evident. Note: the younger folks are certainly less traditional than their predecessors! Dive into the gallery below.

They Forgo Electricity and Modern Technology

Arguably the most recognized principle of Amish existence is their avoidance of modern technology and conveniences. Their way of life is guided by a philosophical and spiritual concept known as Gelassenheit, translating to “surrender” or “yielding.”

The Amish uphold the view that the world should remain as true to God’s initial design as feasible.